Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol. 9 (1) March 2009 p. 29-36

An Overview of Malaysian Palm Oil Market Share in Selected Markets

Mohd Arif Simeh and Mohammad Fairuz Kamarudin
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Palm oil is the leading edible oil traded in the world market. Both Malaysia and Indonesia are the world’s largest exporters of palm oil, commanding more than three-quarters of the world market. In 2007, these countries contributed 83.5% of the production and 89.6% of the world trade in palm oil. Malaysia herself accounted for 47.9% of the production and 57.5% of the trade. However, over the years, Malaysia has been losing her market share to her closest rival, Indonesia. This article attempts to provide an overview of Malaysia’s market share of palm oil in five major markets compared to Indonesia. Apart from describing the share in the various markets in absolute terms, an index was also used as a bench-mark to overview the trend in real terms.

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