Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol. 12 (1) March 2012 p. 24-30

Economic Impact of Ganoderma Incidence on Malaysian Oil Palm Plantation – A Case Study in Johor

Roslan Abas and Idris Abu Seman
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Crop losses due to pest and disease infestations are major threats to agricultural development. For export oriented commodities such as palm oil, the problem of pests and diseases (P&D) cannot be viewed in isolation because it can affect international cost competitiveness as well as revenue losses. The objective of this article is to estimate revenue losses due to FFB yield reduction as a result of Ganoderma attack. From the study, it was found that Ganoderma attack can lead to fresh fruit bunches (FFB) yield reduction between 0.04 t and 4.34 t/ha on 10 years to 22 years of planting respectively. Based on annual growth of Ganoderma incidence rate, it was estimated that in 2020, a total of 400 thousand hectares could be affected.

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