Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol. 10 (1) March 2010 p. 1-13

Lessons Learned from Sustaining Remunerative Palm Oil Prices – The Malaysian Experience

Mohd Basri Wahid , Ramli Abdullah and Faizah Mohd Shariff
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The volatility of the crude palm oil (CPO) prices over the increasing long-term trend in the past has created instability in the earnings for the country and the returns for the industry. The volatility has been caused by the fundamentals – supply and demand factors. Despite this fact, it is important for us to sustain palm oil price at high levels in order to have good returns. It was observed that prior to sustaining high prices, the market was usually bearish with high stock levels. Strategic measures are required to ensure that palm oil stocks are well managed. In this regard, certain measures are undertaken under the stock management programme by the government, including CPO burning as biofuel for power generation, biodiesel usage in the country (called Bx) and replanting programmes which are generally aimed at reducing the stock level in the country. The swift proactive action undertaken by the government should be lauded as it does provide some respite to the palm oil industry with prices firming up and sustained at high levels.

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