Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol. 5 (1) March 2005 p. 28-36

Market Evaluation of Phosphate Fertilizers from Various Sources for Matured Oil Palm in Malaysia

Mohd Nasir Amiruddin; Zin Zawawi Zakaria and Hasiah Embong
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Fertilizers are one of the most important inputs in the production of palm oil. Their use is dependent on the price of palm oil (PO), the higher the price the more the fertilizers used. P fertilizers significantly increased fresh fruit bunches (FFB) yield and the rates to be used will depend on the costs and benefits afforded by them. This study determines the costs and benefits of utilizing various sources of phosphate fertilizers through partial budgeting and dominance analysis for gross return (GR), total variable cost (TVC), marginal rate of net return (MRNR), net return (NR) and return on investment (ROI).

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