Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol. 10 (2) September 2010 p. 17-22

New Revenue Opportunities Arising from the Waste Streams of the Oil Palm Industry

David Milroy
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Pure Power owns an innovative lignocellulosic conversion technology, which enables lignochemicals to be extracted from non-food based feedstocks and biomass. It can be deployed across a broad spectrum of feedstock resources in plantation forests in the Americas, throughout Asia, and more specifically, in Malaysia and New Zealand. Suitable feedstocks include wood chips from eucalyptus, poplar, mesquite and willow, and especially empty fruit bunches from oil palm. The company’s technology produces new and profitable products for plantation owners, without disrupting the existing and proven methods for growing, harvesting and processing oil palm. The technology allows for the generation of multiple lignochemicals from oil palm waste, enabling owners and operators to diversify their revenue streams. Pure Power’s technology targets the global petrochemical market in providing substitute products based on renewable sources of lignocellulosic biomass, using a proprietary extraction process to produce high value lignochemicals from oil palm waste. Pure Power’s approach is founded on the simple principle of processing hardwood gently, leaving the long polymer molecules intact so that they can be used as chemical building blocks for high value applications.

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