Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol. 5 (2) September 2005 p. 37-46

Palm Kernel Cake Marketing: Constraints and Prospects

Ahmad Borhan A Nordin; R Venugopal; Nasir Amiruddin and Mohd Arif Simeh
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Standardization or product specification is an important measure to ensure that only high quality product reaches the market place. The formation of palm kernel cake (PKC) trade specifications and the requirements of quality testing plus regular inspections had assured the quality of PKC was under control throughout the years. The changing preferences by customers and the advancement of technology validate the revision of such specifications. The study reviews the quality performance of PKC within its trade specifications in the previous years and the possibility of improving its quality to a higher level. Moreover, it reveals the economic significance of elevating the quality of PKC through innovative processing system that produces its raw materials i.e. palm kernel.

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