Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol. 8 (1) March 2008 p. 12-17

World Biodiesel Viability Amidst High Feedstock Prices

James Fry
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Conventional economics says the price of crude palm oil (CPO) has an inverse relationship with stock. In the past two years, however, the economics of world oils and fats had changed, resulting in both prices and stocks rising in tandem, thus defying traditional economic theory. There are now strong signs of a linkage between the fuel price and the CPO price, which is created by the new role played by biodiesel. The article suggests that, when analysing the palm oil price, one now has to take into account of two factors, namely the petroleum price and the level of oil stocks. The petroleum price determines the price band within which palm oil will trade, while the stock level determines how high or low palm oil prices will lie within the trading range.

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