Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol. 3 (1) March 2003 p. 16 - 24

Zero Burning Techniques in Oil Palm Cultivation: an Economic Perspective

M Mohd Noor
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Land clearing for oil palm cultivation used to be undertaken by the clean clearing method, which included burning and re-burning of biomass. The method pollutes the air and is costly to the society. The government of Malaysia had imposed a ban on open burning in 1998. A financial and economic analysis of various zero burning techniques of land clearing for oil palm cultivation indicated that the techniques bring higher return compared to the clean burn method. The benefits of the zero burning techniques, in addition to cost saving from pollution related problems, include faster returns, and savings in fertilizer input from nutrient recycling and soil preservation. Hence, in addition to abiding with the law, zero burning technique of land clearing earns additional financial and economic benefits.

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